Power Distribution Panelboards

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Power Distribution Panelboards


Power Distribution Panelboards are used to distribute electrical energy to different parts of a residential building, hospital, industrial factory, commercial building, etc. These panelboards
are made in different dimensions depending on the needs and in terms of equipment for specific applications. The input of the panel is usually the electricity of the municipal power
network or diesel generators, and the output is the consumers.

These panelboards are used to divide incoming power and transfer it to different consumers. This transfer can take place between a network of other panelboards, each of which does a specialized job, or simply a sub‐distribution board. In fact, these panelboards are a kind of power supply with high protection for other boards and machines. The current division is done with the help of various equipment such as MCBs, MCCBs, and ACBs and the calculation of copper busbar and cable sizes is done by considering the protection system. Reliance Power Group Factory, in addition to design and production, is able to produce and install various types of distribution panels up to 6300 amperes. Depending on the installaƟon environment, these panelboards are fabricated inside, outside, wall mounted, or surface mounted.


1- Medium Voltage Panel Boards (MV)

2- Low Voltage Panel Boards (LV)

3- Motor Control Panel Boards

4- Synchronization Panel Boards

6- Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS & ATI)

7- Compact Station

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