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SVC-1000 VA
SVC-2000 VA

About Us

Our company has been established for managing energy with the best efficiency in our country and providing services with our expert and experienced staff for the industrial and home

the field which has a very important role in the ever-growing electronics sector.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Buck/Boost Series Transformers, and Variable Transformers (Variacs) in Afghanistan, and Our aim is

to provide quality products for end users by using the technology developed on the basis of customer satisfaction and to put specific products in the industrial electronics sector on the local market

in accordance with customer demands and expectations.

We provide our dear customers with easily accessible products and also pre-sale and After-sale services thanks to distributors and agents all around Afghanistan.



AC mains voltage fluctuations can cause equipment to behave erratically and malfunction. Some systems may even break down due to these fluctuations, noise, or spikes. Failure to ensure the incoming mains voltage is stable and clean can often result in costly equipment repairs and unplanned downtime.

We at RPC also is manufacturing Automatic Voltage Regulators up to 500KVA (three-phase). And up to 50 KVA (single phase). RPC Regulator stabilizers provide efficient protection for your electrical and electronic equipment against voltage fluctuations.



Computers & Network Systems- Medical Equipment- Electronics Equipment-Testing Equipment-Laboratory Equipment- Process Control Systems- Base Transceiver Stations- V/Radio Broadcasting Stations- Audio/Video Systems- Security Systems- Elevators / Lifts- CNC & SMT Equipment.


RPC AC Voltage Stabilizers offer:

Voltage Stability & Protection

Suitable for all electrical and electronic equipment, RPC REGULATORS, and AC Voltage Stabilizers continuously monitor the incoming supply. Should the incoming voltage rise or drop, the Stabilizers will automatically control the output to ensure the voltage reaching the load equipment always remains constant at the requisite voltage. Inbuilt spike protection ensures the load is continuously protected against harmful mains born high energy spikes and surges.


High Efficiency

Better than 98% for low running costs.


Independent Phase Balancing & Control

Independent phase voltage sensing and control to ensure the individual phase voltages remain stable -regardless of load unbalance


Soft-Switch On / Start-up Load Protection

Protection of the load from momentary over-voltage situations on startup.


Lightning Surge Protection (OPTIONAL)

Protection against extremely high voltage surges and transients caused by lightning strikes on the supply line.


Over / Low Voltage Protection

Ability to automatically shut down the Voltage Stabilizer in the event of the input supply voltage going outside the input voltage window.


Bypass Control Switch

Manual Controls Bypass Facility, Load transfer to Bypass via pole charge switch.


Phase Failure Protection

Protection of the load in the event of phase failure

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