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Equipment Support (ES) Facility and vehicle solar shades at HKIA & Dutch Barn and Vehicle Solar Shade at New Kabul Compound, Kabul Province, Afghanistan

Prime Contract: CON/TOR/HKIA_NKC/001

Customer: British Military

Prime Contractor: Kepi International Solution

Subcontractor: Reliance Power Company


Project Description:

The project is consisting of full design and construction of the facilities in two discrete locations withing the Kabul Cluster:

  1. HKIA – Equipment Support (ES) Facility, reconfiguration of the perimeter fence, stacking of ISO containers, construction of gantry and vehicle solar shades.
  2. NKC – Dutch Barn and Vehicle Solar Shades


The project includes Civil Work, Underground Utilities, Superstructures, Electrical & Mechanical and all the activities are done according to BS and EN.