RPC Co. designs and supplies the equipment for power plants and performs all electrical projects, benefiting from the specialization and capabilities of the organization’s specialists and directors, observing and implementing the national and international standards in designs and planning’s in order to present products and engineering services of the highest level of quality according to the determined specifications and in compliance with the related codes and standards in accordance with the contracts to the customers and gains their satisfaction and confidence. RPC Co. now has more than 300 skilled personnel working in project and factory and beside that, using qualified subcontractors in  undertaken project for successful & timely execution of projects and RPC already has an ethnic relation with the local resources such as concrete plant, construction companies, supply, logistics, transportation companies and other companies that we need in projects.


Based on the project nature and requirements, suitable machineries and tools will be provided and used for erection, commissioning and supervisory works. Sufficiency of the machineries and tools and also their proper quality and quantity are an important factor in the execution work progress and the final work performance.  The following list is normal machineries and tools RPC is using for site works however it is to be noted that different works may need different machineries and tools that can be easily and freely procured or rented.


  • Emergency Diesel Generator
  • Hi-Pot Test Device (AC & DC)
  • Cable Fault Locator

  • Megger

  • Earth Tester
  • Insulation tester
  • Multimeter
  • Different Drill Machines

  • Grinders
  • Cable Jack & Roll
  • Grounding System Accessories
  • Hydraulic & Manual Press for cable  termination
  • Conduit & Pipe bending equipment

  • Guillotine for Cable Cutting
  • Instrument in different type and sizes
  • All required wiring tools
  • Emergency diesel generator
  • Scaffolding Equipment
  • Concrete mixer
  • Vibrator
  • Compactor in different sizes
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test Equipment

  • Rental Crane (5, 10, 25 & 60 Tons)
  • Truck , Car , CONEX