Capacitor Bank Panelboards

Production of RPC Factory

The main function of capacitors is to regulate the flow of energy and store electrical energy, for this reason, capacitors are used either singly or in pairs in a panel and are connected in series or parallel. In general, the more capacitors you have in the circuit, the more energy is stored on the device.

The operation of this equipment also depends on the type of power consumption of the network, for example, if reactive power is needed (factories and some industrial sectors, in addition to using active power, also need reactive power), the capacitors enter the required power to the circuit and remove the power needed to start the motors from the municipal power network.

This issue will further reduce costs and put less pressure on the municipal power network. These panelboards are used in low-voltage networks with the aim of increasing the power factor and compensating reactive power. Capacitor bank panelboards are designed and manufactured in different reactive powers according to the needs of customers. automatic capacitor banks are the most common and practical means for correcting the power factor of the network. In this type of panel, various equipment such as MCBs, MCCBs, capacitive contactors, capacitors, and controllers are used.

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