February 28, 2023


Construction of MicroWork

  • Prime Contract # Multiple Projects
  • Customer: Coalition Forces
  • Prime Contractor: Kepi International Solution
  • Subcontractor: Reliance Power Company (RPC)

Projects Description:
Multiple construction projects have been implemented throughout Kabul Area for coalition forces in direct support of the ongoing Resolute Mission. The Projects consist of roads, perimeter fencing, installation of electrical equipment, power plant area, pulling LV cables, wiring and installation of all electrical materials inside of the building, installation of fire alarm system, setting and installation HVAC system, termination of LV cables, test, and commission of all cables synchronization of generators. The projects also include building and erection of steel structures such as sunshades, K-Span buildings, Vehicle maintenance, providing Containerized offices, Accommodation Units, and Ablutions.

Power plant:

  • Generator installation, testing, and commissioning.
  • Cabling LV part.
  • Main panel and sub panel installing.
  • Trench. Manhole, hand hole, and pit providing.
  • Maintenance of power plant.

Interior power distribution and electrical system:

  • MDB and sub panels installing and testing.
  • Capacitors for reactive power montage, installing, testing, and adjusting.
  • UPS system installing, testing, and adjusting.
  • Cable trays and electrical raceways installing.
  • Cabling and wiring.
  • Power and lighting system.
  • Fire alarm and communication system.
  • Grounding and lightning system.
  • Exterior lighting.
  • Mechanical equipment power supply.

Containerized Accommodation, office & Ablution Units:

  • Providing, fabricating, and delivery of the Units
  • Installation of all electrical and mechanical fixtures
  • Installation of all water and sewer fixtures
  • Piping and wiring for electrical and mechanical items
  • Piping and assembly for water and sewers


  • Erection of fence posts
  • Installation of fences, barbed and razor wires
  • Fabrication and installation of pedestrian and vehicles gates


  • Topography Survey
  • Construction of Culverts, installation of Gabions
  • Construction of Gravel roads