February 28, 2023

Afghanistan National Army 215th Brigade Garrison Camp Delaram I – Phase II, Nimruz Province, Afghanistan


  • Prime Contract # W5J9LE-11-C-0034
  • Customer: USACE
  • Prime Contractor: Macro Vantage Levant (MVL)
  • Subcontractor: Reliance Power Company (RPC)

Project Description:
The project consists of the design and construction of an Afghan National Army Garrison for the 2nd Brigade, 215th Corps at Camp Delaram I, Nimruz Province, Afghanistan. The garrison project is an expansion of the existing facilities to include additional GSU facilities, CS Kandak, CSS Kandak, three (3) Infantry Kandaks, Transient Kandak, MP Company, and other common facilities for the brigade including all support facilities, utilities, and infrastructure as applicable.

  1. Power Plant.
  • installation of Generators (6 pcs, each Generator is 1200 KVA)
  • MV & LV Cable Pulling
  • Termination of MV & LV Cables
  • Installation of Cable Tray inside MV & LV trenches.
  • Preparing all Concrete pads and still Standing for MV Switchgear & Panels
  • Assembling MV Switchgear & LV Panels in the Power plant
  • Connecting New Power plant with Existing Power plant
  • Installation of Explosion-proof Lights & Outlets for Hazardous areas (Fuel tank)
  • Installation of Lightning protection system for Hazardous areas.
  • Installation of Fuel piping system & Filtration system between Fuel Tanks and Generators.
  • Installation of Load bank system for Power plant
  • We did all Equipment Testing (HI pot & insulation testing, Fuel Tank and pipe Testing, Transformers, and Energizing.
  • Installation Step up Transformers 6 pcs
  • Installation of a Communication system in the power plant.

Exterior Description

  • Installation Step down Transformers 22 pcs
  • Preparing Concrete Pad for Transformers and panels.
  • MV & LV Cable pulling for all Transformers and Buildings
  • Termination of MV & LV Cables
  • Installation of LV Panels for outside 22 pcs.
  • Hi pot & insulation Testing of MV & LV Cables
  • Energizing