January 18, 2023

Offering a broad range of engineering, procurement, and construction services encompassing all areas of the energy market, including power generation, distribution LV/MV panel boards, electrical wiring and communication, maintenance, and supervising the electrical plant and project as well.

Benefiting from the long experience of its directors & specialists in their respective fields & applying the vast resources it has procured, RPC. now possesses all required factors for ensuring correct & timely execution of services including plan, performing, supervising, managing, testing and maintaining of some part or whole project including a. Power stations such as diesel generation in all type and sizes, we have a special team on generator synchronizing and maintenance of power plant that has many years of professional experience in this field that will bring you the highest quality. b. Substations (transformer station) including indoor substations, outdoor substations, and Compact substation transmission and distribution systems. Supply and installation of all electrical poles and street lights types. c. High Voltage, Medium Voltage, and Low Voltage overhead lines including transmission and distribution systems.