January 18, 2023

Afghanistan’s first largest industrial power address, with production capability of industrial power boxes, and cable trays and establishing the largest power projects in all over Afghanistan, with the best quality ever manufactured inside the country, now keep their best quality of work for more than 10 years and even improved with the newest technology and trained staff to help for a better reconstruction of Afghanistan. RPC was established in January (2002) along with the authorization of Afghanistan’s water and power regulation department. RPC is considered an international standard and equipped with modern technological power types of machinery, an inspection of field professional experts, and hardworking technical staff. Construction activities after a long war period in the region produced many different kinds of pollutants which may cause power-producing contamination problems. The problem of concern at construction sites is big quantities with low quality, which is the result of no experienced field experts, technical employees, and old machinery. In addition, this old deed often requires the use of old procedures, which can be harmful to humans, plants, and aquatic life. RPC is manufacturing cable trays in different types and sizes, International Standard panel boards, and Kiosk Transformers. RPS assembling all types of panel boards and Auto transfer switches according to the client’s inquiry with the highest quality and best prices.