TSD 2000VA

SVC series single-phase high precision full-auto AC voltage regulator adopts linear integrated circuit form servo motor control system, drive the contact voltage regulator to regulate automatically by controlling the servo motor, it has excellent features, such as small waveform, distortion, high power factor. Free from the effector frequency variation of supply, it is used most situations where the electricity voltage fluctuations requirement.

Input Voltage Range


Phase Number

Single Phase


50/60 Hz

Output Voltage precision Response Time

220V+2% <1 Sec.agnainst 10% input voltage deviation

Efficiency AC-AC

>98% other we can do according to customer requirement such as 80%

Power Factor Cost


Temperature Rise


Withstand Voltage


Waveform Distortion

Non-Lack fidelity waveform, Sine Wave

Insulation Resistance


Insulation Grade

E Grade (According China Standard)

Protection Function

Overvoltage (Input More 240V), under voltage less than 100V, Time delay choice (long delay around 3-minute, short delay time 3-5 second)

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity


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TSD 3000VA

TSD 1000VA

TSD 7500VA

TSD 1000VA