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Marshal Fahim National Defense University (MFNDU), Phase II, Kabul Province –Afghanistan

  • Prime Contract # W5J9JE-15-C-0004
  • Customer: USACE
  • Prime Contractor: Macro Vantage Levant (MVL)
  • Subcontractor: Reliance Power Company (RPC)

Project Description:
The project consists of providing facilities for continuing officer and senior noncommissioned officer professional education courses for the Afghan National Army (ANA). The project is phase II of the overall effort to provide for the completion of the Afghan National Defense University site at Qargha, Afghanistan. The project consists of construction of 46 buildings, roadways, parking lots, grading, and utilities.

Electrical features of work included under this contract are:

  • Complete Interior electrical system using metal conduit and metal devices.
  • Installation of electrical lighting fixtures and power panels.
  • Installation smoke detectors/heat detectors.
  • Complete and test power generation plant.
  • Complete and test exterior telecom distribution system.
  • Complete and test exterior electrical distribution.
  • system, with exterior lighting.


Mechanical features of work included under this contract are:

  • Complete construction of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Complete construction of plumbing systems;
  • Complete and testing of exterior water distribution and fire hydrants.

Power Plant:

  • Three-phase pad-mounted transformers;

Diesel generator set testing and commissioning;