1- Running, testing and commissioning of Generators;
2- Synchronizing of Generators;
3- Fuel Tank testing and commissioning;
4- Running, testing and commissioning of Transformers;
5- Testing and Commissioning of Switch Gears.

Benefiting from long experience of its directors & specialists in their respective fields & applying the vast resources it has procured. RPC Co. now possesses all required factors for ensuring correct & timely execution of services included plan, perform, supervise, manage, test and maintain of some part or whole project but not limited to :

a. Power stations such as hydroelectric, steam and diesel generation in all type and sizes, we have special team on generator synchronizing and maintenance of power plant that has many years professional experience in this field that will bring you highest quality.
b. Substations (transformer station) including indoor substations, outdoor substation and Compact
substation transmission and distribution system. Supply and installation of all electrical poles and street lights types.
c. High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage overhead lines including transmission and distribution system.
d. EMT Piping, Cable tray, Installing Ceiling fan, Lighting Installation, Wiring System.
e. Power Pole installation, Street light pole installation, Cable pulling, Underground cabling, Trenching, Manholes.
f. Mechanical & Plumbing Systems; (Air Handling Unit system (AHU), Water heater, Unit heater)


After completing several generation  power plants with different generator and  engine in difference sizes, we can proudly say that we got enough  experience for all type of synchronizing project all around Afghanistan with newest technology that has been use in the world, RPC become specialized in complete power plant solutions, electrical and mechanical balance of  plant and distributed control systems.
Also manufact uri ng high quality panel board and kiosk transformers in  Afghanistan according international standards


RPC has its own equipment and laboratory to take responsibility to check and test all electric related equipment and works performed. Such checks will make relative to certified equipment which has been valid reference to the standards and calibration chains recognized internationally. When no norm of standard gauge exists, the basis for calibration will be documented and reported to client.
By skilled and trained personnel RPC now providing maintenance of Electrical plant such as power plan, substations and finished projects to serve continues technical services.