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Synchronize Panel Board


We manufacture high quality synchronizing panels. This is widely used in the electrical, electronic, telecommunication industry. The panels are indoor and outdoor types of synchronizing and load sharing panels. A composite floor standing multi-bay control cubicle for automatic synchronizing of diesel generators in multiple set installations. Each bay has a generator control and load switching section linked to a common busbar. A total load output circuit breaker or automatic load transfer panel can be incorporated into the suite of panels and connected to the common bus section. all control devices are segregated and shrouded from the load switching and busbars. The common bus section runs the length of the panel with a fully rated neutral and earth bar.

A standard there is a central load take-off point, which allows for a reduction on the rating for the busbar. A fully rated busbar can be fitted for load take off at one end.


  • Highly performance
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to install
  • Lesser cost of maintenance
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