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EasyPact & Compact NS – Circuit Breakers


From 16A up to 1600A

IN three pole


Easy Pact is new generation of MCCB. It is the world’s smallest in its range with one frame size for all rating & breaking capacities to suit all type of applications tested as per IEC 60947-2 specifications. The Easy Pact system is the simple and universal solution to satisfy all low voltage protection needs.

  • Easy to choose
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

Faithful to its reputation for excellence for the past 15 years, the compact NS range is the guarantee of absolute peace of mind. Homogeneous and consistent, it covers all protection needs.

  • Faultless protection
  • Service continuity
  • Simplicity pf installation


  • It’s so Easy and simple.
  • Safety and protection
  • Energy availability


Protection of any electrical installation not exceeding 50kA/415V breaking capacity in particular for residential, buildings and industries.

Protection of LV electrical installations:

  • Standard applications: industries, buildings, infrastructures
  • Specific applications: DC networks, tunnels, air bases, military marine


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