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Compact Unit Substation

Compact Unit Substation and Compact switchboard are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Compact unit substations are completely self-contained, factory assembled in a totally enclosed metal cladding, weatherproof housing ready for placing into position upon a concrete base pad.

The housing of the kiosk is mainly made of corrosion resistant 2mm steel sheets. Last finish coat is powder paint of polymer resin base color to RAL 7032 or RAL 7033. Other colors are available upon request.

Each substation contains three main equipment: transformer, MV switchgear and LV switchgear each is contained in a separate compartment. The compartments are completely separated by steel sheet. The barrier between the HV switchgear and the transformer is provided with pressure relief flaps. All compartments are individually accessible by their own door from outside.

The compartment is provided with a pressure relief system integrated in the ceiling/roof. As an option, a floor mesh can be provided to prevent entry of small animals and other foreign objects, while assuring continuous airflow and circulation.

The following equipment can be accommodated inside the panel:

  •   Air circuit breakers (ACB’s)
  •   Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB’s)
  •   LV Fuse switches / Fuse ways
  •   Instrumentation and metering
  •  Automatic transfer scheme (ATS)

The substation forms a complete metallic structure bolted together and each compartment is provided with grounding busbars.

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