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Air Circuit Breaker

From 1000A up to 3000A in 3 Pole

General Introduction

Hyundai Air Circuit Breakers comply with IEC 60947-2 and are optimized
for both industrial and marine applications. Featuring powerful
protection, customized design and reliable performance, they are the
best solution for electrical system.

UAN & UAS Type
  • The highest breaking capacity : 150kA (6300AF at 500V)
  • 100% capacities for N phase
  • Easy maintenance due to cradle system
  • Various accessories and advanced protection trip relay(OCR)
  • Three types of connection (Vertical or Horizontal/Front/Mixed)
  • Approval by the major shipping registers
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) : 12kV
  • Approved by KS/CB type tested by DEKRA
UAN Type
630-6,300 AF
65-100 kA at AC690 V
UAS Type
630-6,300 AF
55-100 kA at AC690 V
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